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When building a new home or renovating an old one, a primary concern of most home owners will be the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Whether you're looking or living in Acworth, Cartersville, or any of the surrounding area, you will find a great number of both new and existing homes available. For new home construction you should work with your builder to bring DC Installations in for your custom cabinet solution. If you are looking to replace existing cabinets in your home or business, simply call us directly and we will come work with you.

Our cabinets are semi-custom meaning every cabinet is selected specifically for your design and made to order specifically for you. They are all wood (no MDF or pressed board), use high quality self-closing hinges and slides.


For this line of cabinets the "extras" are items like wine racks, sheet separators, plastic bowl storage, etc. Those can all be added after the cabinets are installed. We typically install only "framed" cabinets though we do offer a selection of "frameless" cabinets for a more modern design. Currently we are selling and installing more Shaker designs than all others.

New Construction Custom Cabinets - Procedures

Give us a copy of your floor plans (and cabinet details if you have them) and we'll match your needs to our cabinet selection. The ideal method is to meet in person and review your plans with you (if you are the homeowner) and make sure we're (a) the right company to do your work and (b) able to provide the level of customization you need. It generally takes about 1-2 weeks to return your full quote based on our work load so please allow time for us to complete our work before you need the installation. The order takes generally less than 3 weeks to fulfill so in total please allow 6 weeks for installation from the time you first contact us.

Kitchen / Bath Remodel Cabinets - Procedures

Chances are you don't already have a scaled drawing. If you do, please get a copy of those to us. If we are doing the demolition (removal of old cabinets) please let us know upfront so we can include that in the estimate. Remodels - new kitchen and bath makeovers - typically take just a little longer than new installs because of all the obvious reasons. Planning for a makeover also takes a little more time and getting started with your planning now can give you a big advantage for the future.

A couple of "with caution" pieces of advice for anyone getting new cabinets are here:
Use Pinterest with caution - many of the designs you see in there are completely custom built. This means someone built the cabinet exclusively for the person who purchased it. Cabinets of these type may run as much as 500% higher than semi-custom cabinets. There are some great furniture/cabinet makers we can connect you with.

When hiring a company recommended on Facebook or craigslist use caution. Make sure they are a legitimately registered business with an actual location other than their basement (though there are a few people who work this way which are great for truly custom solutions). Do your due diligence. You can find us (Incorporated) with the state of Georgia, licensed in the City of Cartersville, licensed with the State of Georgia (General Contractor), and fully insured.

Countertops, Sinks, and Hardware

Most people don't realize it but hardware like drawer pulls and door handles does not come already attached to the cabinets. You can choose from a wide variety by almost any supplier. We have hardware selections available but we can also use anything you may have found on the Internet or at your local store - we can even use complete custom handles or antiques. The drawers and doors are not pre-drilled by the assembler so the installer can fit whatever you have.

Sinks and Countertops can come from anywhere as well. Whoever you get or we supply to do the countertops will custom cut to fit and will install the sinks and pre-drill for the plumbing fixtures at their shop before they bring them to the site to install them. We work with several granite counter top suppliers as well as other materials. When we discuss your plans we will be sure and ask about countertops, sinks, and hardware but in your pre-planning you will want to consider these, too.

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