Fiber Cement

DC Installations uses only the highest quality Fiber Cement siding products. The products we choose are backed by an industry leading manufacturer’s warranty and installed by our seasoned professionals who are trained for the best installation practices. They know how to use the materials to avoid undue waste and how to install the product so that it requires minimal dressing to make it look design magazine perfect.

Fiber cement siding is durable, rot-proof, fire-proof, and termite-proof. It is unaffected by wind or cold and gives the appearance of other materials like wood clapboard, shingles, or even stone or brick. According to¬†This Old House, “Now architects regularly specify the siding because it holds down costs without compromising aesthetics. It’s even accepted for use in some historic districts.”

Wood Siding

Some designs call specifically for natural wood siding and DCI is well versed and experienced in natural wood siding. Many older homes in the North Georgia area were originally built using natural wood and many homeowners and real estate investors prefer to remove and replace the materials with what was originally used. The materials costs are somewhat higher than for fiber cement siding and labor costs vary with the type of wood siding being used.

There are many popular natural wood siding materials available on the market today from beveled cedar to log cabin siding board, from bead board to board and batten, and many types in between. Some siding is available in 4′ x 8′ sheets, such as bead board, and others come in 12′ – 16′ boards like log cabin siding or beveled cedar. There are also natural wood shingles which you may see used on many modern homes as an accent on the dormers or gables.

When speaking with a DCI representative make sure to ask about the advantages and disadvantages or natural wood siding versus fiber cement.

Vinyl Siding

While not as popular as it once was, there are still applications which are perfect for vinyl siding. Available in a rainbow of colors, vinyl siding is still frequently used in both commercial and residential applications. Not all siding companies have the equipment and experience required to do vinyl siding right, but we do. Our siding installers are experienced and professional.