What Is The First Step in Building a New Custom Home?

It can be really exciting; and mildly terrifying. A new home is always a big concern for anyone. Having the idea to have your own custom home built is uncharted territory for most people. In fact, the majority of homes sold are not custom at all. Even communities which advertise "Custom Homes" generally are selling copies of the same box just in a few different configurations.

What Is A Custom Home?

When we say custom we mean exactly that. You can either buy a custom design from one of the many designers such as Frank Betz or you can hire a designer to completely create the blueprint for your new home based entirely on your wish list. It's a bit of a joke but a custom home can be built around one piece of furniture. What it means is that you can pick your number of bedrooms and baths, you can choose how high the ceilings are, you can choose where and how big the garage is, and more. You can even tell the designer exactly which materials to use and where. If it works, we will build it for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Building a custom home costs the same per square foot as building a tract home of the same quality. Having it built directly by the builder, however, can save up to 14% or more when compared to purchasing the same home already built. Plus you literally get to choose every item in the home from the bathroom fixtures to the doorknobs and more. According to a recent survey, people who build custom homes tend to live in them longer and realize a higher amount of equity build-up. On average, custom homes cost anywhere from about $130 per square foot and up depending on the design and total square footage of the home.

How Long Does It Take?

Many homes we build can be completed in around 180 days for standard designs. Highly customized, larger homes will obviously require longer to complete. Weather is a major factor here in the southeast especially in the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. Once you have purchased your land and secured the financing for your new home (we can work with your lender or our closing attorney if you are self-funded) and make sure the process is smooth and as quickly completed as possible.

How Do I Get Started?

It's really simple, just contact us and start asking questions. We're about as low pressure as it gets because we're not really here to "sell" you anything - we're really just here to Build Your Dream...

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